18 Carat Diamonds and 5 Carat Sapphires French Art Deco Bracelet

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18 Carats diamonds and 5 Carats Sapphires French Art Deco Bracelet


This is a very beautiful piece. The workmanship is high quality. This a high jewellery making. Made on France circa 1920, early art deco era.

The diamonds are very white in color and the sparkle is impressive. The cut is round transitional cut diamonds. The 4 bigger diamonds weights 0.60 carats. They are clear and very white.

Marks for gold: the eagle (on the locker, near maker mark) and marks for platinum : the dog (two marks on the side) Only the locker part is in gold (platinum is softer, thats why they always use gold for locker) T

he sapphires are natural, very good quality. Marks of the maker: not readable. Numbers Lenght: 18 cm or 7.2 inches width 1.8 cm

Total weight: 46.4 grams